Q: Do you offer alternative investments?

A: Yes, we offer investments in REITs, equipment leasing programs, as well as structured CD’s and notes.


 Q: How are you paid?

A: We have the ability to charge a fee based for the services provided or may take a commission paid by the companies with which we are contracted (nothing out of pocket for the client).  Ultimately it comes down to what will be in the client’s best interest.


 Q: How can we contact you?

A: You may contact us at the phone number and/or email addresses listed in the “about ” section or you may contact us by filling out the form found under the “contact ” tab at the top of the webpage.


Q: Is there a minimum amount that I need to start investing for my retirement?

A: Even as little as $30 dollars per month is sufficient for some of the investment vehicles we offer.


Q: What companies do you work with for long-term care?

A: Genworth and John Hancock.


Q: What companies do you work with for life insurance and annuities?

A: Athene, Allianz, North American Life, Lincoln Financial Group, Penn Mutual,  and Ohio National.

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